World History is an overview of the major civilizations and event from prehistoric times to the present. Each civilization’s political, social, economic, and cultural developments will also be discussed throughout the course.

Sociology is a one semester course designed to give students an overview of the major themes of sociology. Sociology is the study of human society and our relationships within society. The course will include sections covering: culture, social structure, socialization, social stratification, deviance, race, and many subsets of these.

Current Events is a one-semester course structured to give the student an understanding of current issues in many areas of a political, social, and economic nature.  The course will include activities that are both teacher-led and student-led.

Course objectives:

·        Identify and examine current events/issues that affect modern society.

·        Discuss and debate current events/issues that are affecting the world today.

·        Evaluate the impact and importance of selected current events and issues on individuals and groups.

Students will analyze the economy of the United States, learn about the role of government, and compare our economic system to that of other nations. Students will also examine economic indicators and international trade policies.